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Sebastian joins "Keep the Bees Humming" project to promote biodiversity

Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team driver Sebastian Vettel has teamed up with singer Andreas Gabalier to gift one million flowers to Germany as part of the BEESandAPPLE project.

Sebastian Vettel

BEESandAPPLE is the brainchild of Frutura, Austria's largest producer and distributor of fruit and vegetables, and it had a successful first campaign in its home country last year.

The project has the ambitious goal of creating one hundred hectares of new habitat for pollinators across Germany.

BEESandAPPLE is an official part of the European Union's ongoing efforts to secure a Green Deal and make food production more sustainable by 2030.

Sebastian Vettel
Taking responsibility for the future doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your quality of life.
Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian, who has continually used his global platform with the team to promote important social causes, said: "Taking responsibility for the future doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your quality of life – it's about finding sustainable ways to have fun.

"That way, you can enjoy life with a clear conscience and protect the environment at the same time.

"I became an ambassador for the BEESandAPPLE project because I want everyone to know that their actions can make a real difference."

BEESandAPPLE aims to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity for the future of our planet, while also empowering regional producers to make Germany more self-sufficient in the cultivation of fruit and vegetables.

The focus on bees is important because climate change and biodiversity loss are affecting the species, which, in the long term, could reduce their population and lead to bottlenecks in food production.

Bees not only produce honey but pollinate a wide variety of crops and trees, with almost all fruit trees relying on bees.

To combat this threat, the BEESandAPPLE project seeks to encourage Germany to use its existing resources more responsibly, particularly in its use of farmland and the cultivation of plant-based food.

BEESandAPPLE also draws on the power of celebrities and influencers, with Sebastian joined by the likes of musician Sting, professional tennis player Dominic Thiem and influencer Lisa-Marie Schiffner.

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