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"There's a real buzz" – construction of Buildings Two and Three of the AMRTC continues

Anticipation is building as work continues on Buildings Two and Three of our state-of-the-art Technology Campus. Project Director Guy Austin shares the latest news on the Campus.

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Back in July, the new AMR Technology Campus (AMRTC) officially opened its doors – but this was just the first phase of this significant chapter in our journey.

Buildings Two and Three are now the focal point of construction, with the old factory having been demolished to make way for a new wind tunnel, new staff facilities and a brand-new simulator.

Project Director Guy Austin guides us through the new site in the latest update on the construction of the AMRTC, with new details on the progression of our sustainable headquarters...


"Moving day began at the end of May 2023 and now we've got more than 700 staff working together under one roof in Building One, which is fantastic for the team. The full focus is now on Buildings Two and Three.

"The 160-metre-long Main Street runs through Building One and we've hosted so many guests and events here already.

"The move-in took place in three phases, beginning with the engineers, financial, commercial and IT departments. Manufacturing followed, and finally, it was the turn of the race team and R&D.

"The reaction to our new home has been overwhelmingly positive and people are impressed with the cleanliness, the environment, the sustainability, and the atmosphere of this place. There's a real buzz and a huge amount of excitement around what we're doing here."


"Work on the foundations of Building Two began straight after the British Grand Prix in 2022. There are 40 people working on the foundations, drainage, and car park. Steel work has recently begun, which is really exciting because the building will really start to take shape.

"I've shed a few tears as I looked after the old factory, but that's all gone. We recycled as much as we possibly could: all of the steel has been recycled, the plasterboards were recycled and even all the concrete and brickwork has been crushed and used in the foundations of the new building.

"The heritage remains in the heart of the new AMRTC."


"The bolts are already cast into the foundation pads of Building Two, and ready for the steel to be laid.

"The building here will house our staff restaurant – a beautiful space looking north over the surrounding Northamptonshire countryside. The full height will be 12 metres and we'll be able to cater for a third of our staff in one sitting. Next to this will be our staff gym and, outside it, a half-kilometre trim trail in the shape of Silverstone Circuit.

"Furthermore, we're going to have a media studio, our driver simulators, an event space, and another dining establishment. Our simulator will be incredibly advanced. This is the next generation of Formula One infrastructure, and it'll be here soon."


"Each of our three buildings will be linked together by an elevated bridge at first-floor level so that people can traverse each one without braving the unpredictable British weather. With high ceilings and large panes of glass used in the construction of these buildings, there will be plenty of natural light to provide a healthier and more inspiring working environment.

"We're going to start moving people here in January 2024 but it will still be a construction site because the wind tunnel is the next element.

"Everything will be on site for the engineers, and made as easy as possible for them to do their jobs – you're always aware just how precious their time is."


"The wind tunnel is a crucial part of our new Technology Campus, as optimising car aerodynamics is a key ingredient to success in Formula One.

"Having our own wind tunnel on site is important because it means that, within the rules, we can test when we want to test. At the moment, we rent time in somebody else's wind tunnel. And because it's their wind tunnel, we can only test at certain times that are not necessarily the most convenient or when we really want to do a test.

"Furthermore, we don’t have to put a scale model of our car in a van and take it elsewhere – we can make better use of the time we're allocated to testing in the tunnel.

"The facility is built to unbelievably fine tolerances, which is quite complex. This area will include the control room for the wind tunnel with six engineers sitting in tiered rows – like we have in Mission Control in Building One."


"Connectivity is also central to everything we do and Juniper Networks have been helping us with our Wi-Fi access points. This part of the construction is also moving at a considerable pace.

"About 150,000 people hours have been conducted on this site. It's surprising to look around and see how much we've moved on as this new space takes shape."

Taking shape

AMRTC project update

With our new Campus continuing to take shape, Project Director Guy Austin tours us around the site to update us on the ongoing work on buildings two and three.

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