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Trading with Trust: Trust the team

Support from a strong team is crucial in any environment. Be it in trading or in racing, trusting in those around you is one of the keys to success. Together with our Official Trading Partner AvaTrade, we reveal why.


"There's a large group of people who are just trying to make the car go around the circuit as fast as possible."

Teamwork. It is the key to success in any walk of life. And racing and trading are no exception. The collaboration between you and your colleagues and those around you can define the end result.

In Formula One, drivers may garner much of the public attention but behind them is a team of several hundred people committed to helping them deliver the best performance on the track.

Trust in that team is important. Confidence in the decisions, the input and the experience of those around is essential on the track or in trading.

Watch the latest instalment of our Trading with Trust series presented by AvaTrade, to discover why trusting in your team matters.


Episode 2: The team

A team is built on trust.

F1 drivers rely on their mechanics to assemble their racing machines with precision and to help them optimise the package for maximum confidence and performance.

Together with AvaTrade, we explore the importance of trust both on the trading floor and the track.

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