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Unleashing the power of intuition

From cutting-edge cloud tech and AI to IoT and bespoke software solutions, discover how Cognizant is enabling Aston Martin F1 to anticipate and act as if on intuition.


Be it fan engagement, financial management, harnessing the power of data or building for the future, Cognizant is helping Aston Martin F1 to operate at the forefront of digital innovation; making smarter decisions faster – choices which are unlocking performance on and off the track.

In Formula One, gathering data quickly and efficiently can be game changing. At Aston Martin F1, Cognizant is driving performance by managing core technology operations that allow us to rapidly iterate the design of the car, running continuous simulations in the cloud, and centralising and securing our data.

Our partnership with Cognizant doesn't just translate to performance on track. Cognizant is giving us a 360-degree view of our fans through its fan persona engine, which means we can personalise communications, create a better fan experience, and unlock commercial opportunities for ourselves and our partners to monetise our audience.

Across the business, Cognizant is helping to develop our financial management platform which encompasses an automated inventory reporting platform, management of cost as a strategic capability, and ROI analysis of how parts impact performance.

Together with Cognizant we're also building for the future, working hand-in-hand to create the most sustainable smart factory in F1 and implement outreach efforts to increase diversity in the sport.

Our five-year roadmap sets out our path to competing for championship glory – and Cognizant's expertise and support is a pivotal part of our journey to front of the F1 grid.

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