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Unleashing your talent in 2021 with I / AM CREATIVITY

From paintings to portrait photography, collages to crochet dolls, we've loved seeing the range of creativity and passion from our fanbase in 2021.

Lance Stroll, Painted by Réka

Through I / AM CREATIVITY, we've sought to showcase the talent of our fanbase alongside some incredible creatives, who have joined us throughout the season to give their own take on our world.

Behind the lens

Throughout the course of this year, we've called on the talents of top-level creatives to tell the story of our race weekends, from the on-track action to the human stories underpinning the sport we love.

In Brazil, world-renowned photographer, Conor McDonnell, put his skills to the test while embedded within the race team at Interlagos.

Conor, who more regularly works with the likes of David Attenborough and Calvin Harris, is a passionate Formula One fan and the combination provided stunning photography in Brazil.

His artistry is the perfect embodiment of #IAMCREATIVITY, a campaign that champions creative talent, expression and passion.


Brazil through the lens of Conor McDonnell

In this exclusive gallery, Conor showcases his best photographs from behind-the-scenes at Interlagos.

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Photo by Conor McDonnell
Photo by Conor McDonnell

In Austin, we engaged with local artists and creators to capture the unique culture of the city to harness the local identity and tell the story of the United States Grand Prix from a new perspective.

A music and automotive photographer, John Feinberg moved to Austin in 2017 for a new job, having previously covered automotive industry events in New York.

From the moment fans arrived in Austin through to a post-race litter picking event, organised by the team as we endeavour to leave a positive mark at every destination we travel to, John captured it all.

Away from the track, we were also given an insight into the local Austin cuisine of Austin by Hayden Walker, delving deep into the world-famous BBQ scene.


Introducing John Feinberg

Meet John Feinberg, an Austin local with an eye for capturing and sharing the spirit of the local area through his photography and an inside-out knowledge of the Circuit of the Americas.

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Photo by John Feinberg
Photo by John Feinberg

From tracking cars at high-speed, to capturing intimate behind-the-scenes shots of team members working tirelessly in the garage, photographers have a front-row seat for the best of the F1 action.

Across the second half of the season, we sat down with team photographer, Glenn Dunbar, to share his experiences from a career in the fast lane.

With tips and tricks for aspiring Grand Prix photographers around the world, Glenn has shared his favourite shots from each race weekend, explaining what makes each image unique.

Thanks to Glenn for sharing his talents with us this season. You can discover more of Glenn's photography via his Instagram page: @glenn_dunbar


Sutter Speed, with Glenn Dunbar

Discover what it takes to be a Formula One photographer with tips, tricks and insights from one of the very best in the paddock.

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Shutter Speed: Turkish Grand Prix
Shutter Speed: Turkish Grand Prix

Fan Power

Thanks to Global Partner Socios, this year fans were given the chance to have direct input into some of our key creative campaigns, using $AM Fan Tokens on the app to cast their votes.

Harnessing the creativity of leading helmet designer, Mark Antar, fans came together to choose a Solar System-inspired crash helmet for Lance to use during the race weekend in Austin.

Then, in Abu Dhabi, the best fan-designed social media banners were collated for app users to pick the winning design, which adorned our channels throughout the race week.

This was your platform to leave your mark on some of the most memorable moments of our season, and you didn't disappoint.

Revealing Lance's crash helmet

Discover how fans inspired the design of Lance Stroll's US GP helmet. From voting in official polls to winning once-in-a-lifetime experiences, $AM Fan Tokens enhance your relationship with the team.

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Lance's US GP crash helmet
Lance's US GP crash helmet


Every Friday, we hand the keys over to you. Using the hashtag #IAMCREATIVITY, each week fans are invited to submit their creations for a chance to feature on our Instagram and Twitter channels.

Since #FanFriday began, we've been inundated with artwork, graphic designs, and real-world constructions that have constantly left us in awe of your hidden talents.

Throughout the year, you have proved that anyone can make their mark on F1, no matter where they are based or what their specialist skills may be.

You. Us. Together. Collectively we can do something amazing in this team, this sport, and beyond. All in. All welcome. All celebrated. Bring your thing.


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Lorena's crochet skills

Some of the best moments of the 2021 season came as the world opened back up and fans were allowed to return to grandstands, with the Mexican fans in particular bringing back the party atmosphere.

But it was one fan in particular who caught our eye in Mexico City, showcasing her love for the team in a truly unique creative expression: crochet.

Lorena was in the crowd for qualifying and brought along a crochet version of Sebastian and the AMR21, complete with highly accurate livery and race suit.

Lorena's dedication to the team and her never-give-up attitude in spending hours on her crocheting created something truly beautiful that we were proud to share with the world.


#IAMSTORIES | Lorena, Mexico

Discover how Lorena's love for Team Silverstone evolved into her support for Aston Martin and Sebastian Vettel, and how she was inspired to take up F1-inspired crocheting.

Read her story
Lorena's crochet creations
Lorena's crochet creations

Reka's artwork

Réka's passion for the team and her incredible artwork led her to an unforgettable experience at the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix.

When Réka posted her artwork of Lance on Reddit, which was spotted by our Canadian driver's management team, we wanted to reach out and reward her talent.

Réka was invited to enjoy her home Grand Prix from the grandstands courtesy of the team, bringing her artwork along with her.

Although we sadly couldn’t join her due to COVID restrictions, she shared special moments from the day with the team via some brilliant photos which lifted our spirits and inspired her fellow fans.


Stunning Lance Stroll artwork

Réka's artwork caught the eye of Lance's team, and we were delighted to reward her passion and creativity at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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Réka at the track with her artwork of Lance
Réka at the track with her artwork of Lance

Our fans mean everything to us, and we can't wait to see your creative talents again in 2022. Become part of I / AM and share your passions.

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