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I / AM A FAN WRAPPED: Fans visit AMRTC for the final Friday of the season

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An unrivalled and inspiring visit to the AMR Technology Campus. We invited Aston Martin F1 Team fans to our home to celebrate their incredible, unwavering support during a season to remember.

This season we've been privileged to have the unyielding support of so many passionate fans. On the final weekend of the season, we invited 55 guests to the AMR Technology Campus, including I / AM members, Girls Across the Grid members and students from The Aleto Foundation, to enjoy the final sessions of the season and get closer to the team – as we continue to bridge the gap between the track and our fans with I / AM.

"We've seen how a Formula One car is built from start to finish, and we’ve seen what all the designers, mechanics and engineers do here," said Andrew Brooke-Holmes, who explained that an I / AM fan forum led him to being invited to the Campus during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend.

"I was invited to a panel about fans' views of Aston Martin F1 Team, and how we were involved with the race team, and what it meant to be part of that experience. That was special to be asked to kind of give that feedback and to give that viewpoint, and to know that the team actually really cares about what the fans’ viewpoints are, and how they take that and turn that into the experience that they plan for the following years."

We also invited members of Girls Across The Grid, who enable communities of female F1 fans to enjoy the sport, to our Campus for the final Friday of the season.

"We've had a tour of the Campus, we’ve learned more about how F1 cars are built. And then we watched FP2 with the team as well, and had some nice food and drinks. I think it's really important to have events like this because it shows that a fan is more than just someone who sits and watches on a TV screen on a Sunday," said Corryn Parkinson, founder and director of Girls Across The Grid.

"It means that you're actually a part of the team as well. You feel as much a part of the team as the people who are actually at the race track."

Laura Evans, Girls Across The Grid's marketing lead, added: "Girls Across the Grid have been working with Aston Martin F1 Team from the Singapore Grand Prix onwards and, ever since then, they've been amazing to us.

"We've done quite a few events with Aston Martin F1 Team now and everybody at the team has been absolutely amazing and really supportive of what we're doing."

Watch how we said thank you to our fans on the final practice day of the 2023 F1 season by opening up our AMR Technology Campus to bring them closer to the team.


We welcomed I / AM members, The Aleto Foundation and Girls Across The Grid to the AMR Technology Campus to celebrate their part in our incredible journey this year. Discover what they got up to at our I / AM A FAN WRAPPED event.

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