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SentinelOne Power Play | F1 Driver Challenge

The SentinelOne Power Play F1 Driver Challenge is back for 2023 and bigger than ever, featuring the AMF1 Team driver squad.

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Precision. Concentration. Results. Our official cybersecurity partner SentinelOne use AI to achieve their goals at machine speed.

Throw human error into the mix, and things become a bit more difficult: this year we have brand-new challenges that harness our driver squad's competitive edge. It's time for a brand-new set of SentinelOne Power Play Challenges.

To kick things off in Episode 1, our six drivers throw balls into a moving box as quickly as they can. With just a minute on the clock, it is a race against time and each other.

In the second episode, our drivers have to keep a steady hand and move the ball across the beam without dropping it. In the third episode, our drivers are required to be as precise as possible as they move a tower of blocks from one platform to the other as quickly as possible.

The latest episode sees our drivers engage in a test of memory and concentration...

Episode 4 | Repeat the pattern

Formula One steering wheels comprise a maze of buttons and switches, which drivers need to know off by heart as they weave through a race.

Memory is therefore a crucial skill to harness as a driver.

This week's AI Powerplay point is awarded to the driver who can recall the sequence of lights and sounds as they play on the board.

SentinelOne Powerplay Challenge

Repeat the pattern

This challenge is all about memory and recall.

It's no problem for AI, but how do our drivers fare with this task?

Watch the latest episode of SentinelOne Powerplay to find out.

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Episode 3 | Move the whole stack

This challenge is all about decision making. Do you take risks to get the job done as fast as possible or take things slow to ensure everything is done perfectly?

Unfortunately for our drivers, time is of the essence and they need to act fast.

Watch how Jess, Felipe, Fernando, and the rest of our driver squad deal with this dilemma.

SentinelOne Powerplay Challenge

Move the whole stack

This challenge is about balancing risk and reward.

With the clock ticking, will our drivers rush or take it slow?

We find out with SentinelOne.

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Episode 2 | Don't Drop The Ball

Focus, stability, and precision. This is much harder than it looks as Stoffel, Pedro, Felipe, Lance, Fernando and Jessica attempt to move the ball across the beam using one finger. If the ball drops off the beam, it's time to start again.

Once the ball reaches the other side, it's time to get it back across the beam with a finger from the other hand.

Watch how our drivers get on below. 

SentinelOne Powerplay Challenge

Don't Drop The Ball

This challenge demands a steady hand and a steady head.

And plenty of speed.

With SentinelOne, we put our drivers to the test under pressure.

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(68) 2023 F1 Driver Challenge SentinelOne Power Play Ep.2

Episode 1 | Score 3 in a Row

All fun and games? Maybe so, but our drivers want to assert an early lead in the standings.

One minute on the clock and our drivers give it all they've got.

They need to land three consecutive throws of a ball into a moving target.

SentinelOne Powerplay Challenge

Score 3 in a Row

How do you cope under pressure?

Work or play, our drivers maintain their competitive edge in everything they do.

The first SentinelOne Power Play Challenge of 2023 is no different.

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(68) 2023 F1 Driver Challenge SentinelOne Power Play Ep.1 (6)


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