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"There's a lot under the skin that you can't see" – top team quotes from launch

From building our 2023 Formula One car, the AMR23, to assembling our talented and diverse driver squad, the team reflects on the beginning of a new chapter.

Dan Fallows

When you unveil a new Formula One car to the world, inevitably there's going to be plenty said about you and your new challenger – even more so when that car is launched at a new F1 factory, has been designed under a new technical leadership and is to be the first Aston Martin F1 car to be raced by two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso.

Here's what those spearheading our journey had to say about the AMR23, the strength and depth in the team and the season ahead…

The pursuit of performance

"This car is different in a substantial number of ways from its predecessor. 95 per cent of the components are different. There's a lot under the skin that you can't see that has been changed: some really good engineering solutions – improvements in all areas. Aerodynamically it's a big step forward." Technical Director Dan Fallows reveals just how different the AMR23 is from the AMR22 as the team seeks to deliver a car that will be competitive from the outset.

"When you start a little bit further back in a cost cap environment, it's very hard to make up ground on the grid. The target with this year's car is to have a good baseline and then have flexibility with the car so as not to have any constraints that can limit your development." An eye on the future: Team Principal Mike Krack outlines what we set out to achieve with the design of our 2023 challenger and the importance of having a car with plenty of scope for development.


The unknown

"You know what you have done over the winter, preparing the new car, but you don't know what the other teams have done. We'll only be able to compare where we stand against our main rivals in Bahrain and Jeddah – at the first couple of events. We are happy with the car. We are happy with what we have done. There are a lot of new things on this car compared to last year. The team had a difficult 2022, but when you go through those difficulties, you learn a lot." During the off-season, it's impossible to know how much progress you've made relative to your competitors – the answer only apparent after the first qualifying sessions – but Fernando is confident that the team is on the right path based on learnings from last season.

"We know that we have to be absolutely on our game to beat our competitors – they are strong, and we have a great deal of respect for them. This car is a good step forward on last year's car and we'd like to see that reflected in the results and move up the grid." Dan isn’t underestimating the opposition as the team bids to progress up the order this season.

A driving force 

"He's an incredible talent and has been in the sport a long time. He has a lot of experience. It's going to be fun to work alongside him. He's very motivated – really pushing the team - and has already got a lot of good ideas and knowledge based on all his experience and time working with other teams." Lance is relishing the prospect of teaming up with one of the pre-eminent drivers of his generation and is keen to underline how valuable Fernando's input will be in helping the team to achieve its ambitions.

"My goal is to learn as much as I can. I'm very excited to work alongside Fernando and Lance this year. Having them in the team and having all the data to analyse with the engineers to try to learn from Fernando and Lance is a great opportunity for me." Reigning FIA Formula 2 Champion Felipe Drugovich continues in his role as AMF1 Test and Reserve driver this year and is eager to learn everything he can from experienced racers, Fernando and Lance.

A New Chapter

Our 2023 driver squad

A rich blend of youth, experience, speed and skill. An unrelenting will to win. Our six-strong driver squad is preparing for the 2023 season.

The Squad

It's coming together

“It's looking amazing and is taking shape so quickly. It's going to be such a big boost for the whole team when it's done – to have such an incredible facility with all the latest, greatest technology to help us improve as a team." A state-of-the-art statement of intent. As our new factory nears completion, Lance is excited about the benefits that the first all-new F1 building for almost two decades will bring to the team.

"The spirit and atmosphere in the team are fantastic at the moment. You can feel it in the air. In all areas of the business, there is this extra motivation and it’s coming from a combination of things: the momentum from the end of last year, the new campus taking shape, the recruitment of Fernando and the dedication of Lawrence Stroll to bring all these elements together." Mike reflects on the new energy flowing through the team as we begin year three of our ambitious journey to become World Championship contenders.

A New Chapter

Building the AMR23. Together.

The AMR23 is the product of our passion and endeavour, and our new Silverstone HQ is a hub for brave innovation. Pushing the limits and building for the future, this is the beginning of a new chapter.

The Build

You. Us. Together.

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