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Trading with Trust: Trust the data


Data-driven insights fuel success on the racetrack. Together with our Official Trading Partner AvaTrade, we explore the role of data in Formula One.

"Data is key. Every single decision is made on data."

There are hundreds of sensors on a Formula Car, which allow the team to monitor performance and ultimately provide information that can help inform everything from strategy calls to new upgrades.

Terabytes of data flow through to the team every race weekend and making sense of it is essential to unlocking performance on the track.

Much like in trading, data influences how we assess situations, and our Official Trading Partner AvaTrade harnesses the power of data in its trading platforms.

In the third episode of our new Trading with Trust series, together with AvaTrade, Fernando and the team discuss the importance of trusting the data.


Episode 3: Data

In modern-day racing, data is key. Almost every single decision made in F1 relies on data, so you must be able to trust it. Together with AvaTrade, we explore the importance of trust both on the trading floor and the track.

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