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Aston Martin Aramco and Spinal Track collaborate in new partnership

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A partnership designed to foster improved inclusion across the team and the sport. Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team partners with charity that delivers track experiences to disabled drivers as part of the team's Make A Mark programme.

Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team is delighted to launch a new partnership with Spinal Track – a charity dedicated to giving fully funded track and rally experiences to disabled drivers.

The collaboration with Spinal Track represents another pillar of the team's Make A Mark initiative as Aston Martin Aramco continues its journey towards better inclusion across the team and the sport.

Spinal Track provide specially adapted cars developed by racers who understand the wants and needs of disabled car enthusiasts. The charity was created by Nathalie McGloin and her husband Andrew Bayliss to support people with disabilities and help motorsport organisations discuss the topic openly while implementing measures to be fully accessible and inclusive.

Spinal Track will work with Aston Martin Aramco to improve accessibility at the new AMR Technology Campus in Silverstone and deliver guidance on improvements to be implemented. The first milestone for the partnership is the debut of the AMR24 bringing racing drivers and spectators with disabilities trackside to witness the team's new challenger at Silverstone circuit on 12 February.


Fostering improved inclusion across the team and the sport

Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team's collaboration with Spinal Track will ensure greater accessibility across new AMR Technology Campus and welcome the charity behind-the-scenes at the AMR24 debut on 12 February.

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Mike Krack, Team Principal, Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team, said:

"Nathalie McGloin is truly inspiring. What she has achieved as a racing driver competing with spinal injuries, her work with the FIA and setting up this charity is incredible. It is a charity Aston Martin Aramco is proud to support and together they will help ensure our new AMR Technology Campus is more accessible and inclusive for colleagues and visitors. We have some wonderful initiatives planned in the months ahead, starting with bringing Spinal Track behind-the-scenes to our car debut on 12 February at Silverstone."

Nathalie McGloin, Co-founder of Spinal Track, said:

"I am excited to be working with Aston Martin Aramco. This is a team that wants to operate as a responsible business and the programme we have formulated together really speaks to their ambition for the future. With my work at the FIA as Disability and Accessibility Commission President to make F1 races more accessible, the same principles can be applied across the AMR Technology Campus and trackside operations. There are so many ideas in the pipeline and harnessing this amazing brand will create rich experiences for all involved."

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