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"It was an amazing experience" – the fan who followed AMF1 Team across Europe

Following AMF1 Team through thick and thin, Garry Jackson has been away from home for two months to watch Fernando and Lance race. And it's not been easy.


A journey like no other.

AMF1 Team fan Garry Jackson has followed us through the European F1 triple-header, determined to be one of the thousands of passionate fans welcoming Fernando to his first home race with AMF1 Team.

But his journey has been far from an easy one. From being stranded in his campervan due to flooding in Imola to not being able to take his seat at the Monaco Grand Prix, Garry's story is one of determination and commitment fuelled by his passion for the sport. It is a passion that is shared by all F1 fans and one that we believe should be recognised and rewarded.

I / AM A FAN is all about celebrating F1 fandom and, in keeping with the I / AM ethos, we wanted to bring Garry closer to the sport, turning his trip into an extraordinary experience by welcoming him into the F1 paddock and AMF1 Team garage during Friday practice at the Spanish Grand Prix.

This is Garry's remarkable story…

Aston Martin F1
I got to Monaco, and it turned out to be a scam. I couldn’t get in.
Garry, 65, Tenerife

"I love Formula One, so this year I decided to get the campervan and get to as many European races as possible.

"Last month I went from Tenerife to mainland Spain, up to Barcelona, and then took a ferry to Imola. But there were big floods, and I was stuck. I had to sit with all the team trucks and everything for a few days. I decided to then go to Monaco, so I purchased a ticket on the internet.

"I got to Monaco, and it turned out to be a scam. I couldn't get in.

"So, I decided to go straight to Barcelona, I'd already bought a ticket, this one's legitimate, and I know I am going to see a win. Fernando's feet are both going to be on that number one – not just one foot.

"The last time I was at home was over two months ago. I haven't seen my wife in that time; she wanted to come to Barcelona but she couldn't make it. I've been travelling just to watch Aston Martin race. And I want to watch them win, not just race!

"Fuel has been expensive – it's cost me a fortune. But I came here for the atmosphere. It's great, it's unbelievable. I came down to have a chat with other fans and soak up the atmosphere. It totally changes the city when Formula One gets there.

"And I came here for Aston Martin. It was an amazing experience for me. We went into the paddock, I saw some of the F1 drivers and then we went into the AMF1 Team garage and that was awesome. All of the staff were so professional, and they knew so much information about the car and the track and it was so interesting.

"I've been to this circuit lots of times before, but I never thought that one day I'd be inside the garages. I've worked on cars all my life and I couldn't believe I was in an F1 team garage. It was amazing, thanks so much to the AMF1 Team.

"I'm really excited. I'll be cheering the team on from the grandstand at the final corner, even if I've got a bit of a sore throat!"

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