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Ready, Player One? 12 tips to make you faster in the F1 23 game

Aston Martin F1

The F1 summer break doesn’t mean the racing has to stop. Take to the track with EA Sports' F1 23 and make the most of every lap with our top tips from the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Esports Team.

The F1 summer break is an opportunity to relax, recharge… and take to the track – virtually. It's the perfect time to grab your controller or wheel and hone your skills across virtual renditions of every circuit on the 2023 calendar, including Las Vegas and Qatar.

F1 23 also includes a host of supercars, including the Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition, the Aston Martin Vantage Safety Car, and the Aston Martin DB11 AMR – all of which you can unleash on the track. Furthermore, in the latest F1 World Scenario event, you can take the wheel of Fernando’s AMR23 and attempt to score a podium in the closing stages of the Australian Grand Prix, just as he did back in March.

With the help of the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Esports Team, we’ve compiled 12 essential tips for you to get the most out of F1 23, from maximising every millimetre of the track to finding the perfect set-up and fine-tuning your racecraft…

1 | Use all the track

There’s a reason everyone says this: use all the track. You'll be surprised how much of the track you're not using if you watch your own replays or use a third-person camera view. Always try to maximise the amount of the track you're using, up to track limits, and take as many tries as you need to do so. – Manuel Biancolilla, AMF1 Esports driver

2 | Take care of yourself

Your health is important. If you keep yourself in decent physical shape, you can practise more without getting tired. – Simon Weigang, AMF1 Esports Driver

Aston Martin F1

3 | Take a look at the telemetry

Compare telemetry to your friends or rivals, which makes it a lot easier to find time on the racetrack. You might find out that you're braking too early in one corner or taking the wrong line through another. Log into EA's Racenet app and it's a pretty straight-forward process to compare your time to the fastest time in the world. You can see how much steering, brake, throttle and speed they're carrying into each corner and where the fastest drivers are making the biggest gains on any given circuit. – John Evans, AMF1 Esports Driver

4 | Learn from your lock-ups

Brake bias is easily overlooked, but it's a crucial tool to finding more time. Improve your braking performance by adjusting front brake balance on the fly for each situation. If your front tyres are locking up into a corner, try reducing the front brake bias; if your rear tyres are locking up into a corner, try increasing front brake bias. – George Bowen, AMF1 Esports content creator

5 | Analyse your laps

Analyse your mistakes, watch your replays and races, and watch where you can improve. It's much easier and efficient to pinpoint what you’re doing well – or not so well – when you're watching yourself after the fact, rather than trying to analyse your driving while you're at the wheel. – Fabrizio Donoso, AMF1 Esports driver

Aston Martin F1

6 | Turn off assists

Assists can make the game more accessible but they won't help you get the most out of the cars on F1 23. Using racing line assist is one of the assists you should try not to use. Instead, try using the brake markers heading towards a corner or start looking for other braking points before a corner, like lines on the track, marshal boxes, walls, or anything that can help you remember when to hit the brakes and slow down precisely for a corner. – Duncan Hofland, AMF1 Esports Driver

7 | Master racecraft

Pace is one thing, but racecraft is hard to master. It can seem intimidating but, if you're ready to compete, start doing league races – ideally around two serious leagues a week – to practise your racecraft with other drivers. – Duncan Hofland, AMF1 Esports Driver

8 | Tailor your set-up

Don't just settle for the default or preset set-ups. While they're a good starting point, you should test every bit of the set-up and find what works for you, whether that's stiffer suspension or higher downforce, as everybody has a different preference. – John Evans, AMF1 Esports Driver

9 | Change your view

You might find yourself overlooking the Field of View (FOV) setting. The default settings provide a good starting point but you should customise your own camera settings to find something that feels comfortable to drive with. FOV settings depend on your vision and the type of screen you're playing on, so don't be afraid to change the camera settings and see what works for you. Disabling camera shake and motion blur might also help. – George Bowen, AMF1 Esports content creator

Aston Martin F1

10 | Find the sweet spot

Once you've figured out your driving style, make sure it correlates with your car set-up. You'll need to experiment with the settings but you will quickly realise how stiffening the suspension or increasing downforce changes the dynamics of your car. From there, you can start to find a sweet spot between the car balance and your driving style. – Fabrizio Donoso, AMF1 Esports driver

11 | Take a break

Even if you feel fatigued, try taking a small break and then trying race runs or something a bit less stressful than perfecting a single lap. You might not improve on the spot, but your brain still gathers data and information that should pay off in the future. – Simon Weigang, AMF1 Esports Driver

12 | Be smooth

FPS – frames per second – matters. Getting as many frames per second as you can is crucial for a smoother experience, and to reduce input lag. If you're playing on PC this can be done by lowering your graphics settings to avoid lag spikes, which can cause mistakes. – Manuel Biancolilla, AMF1 Esports driver

Learn more about the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Esports Team here, and follow @AMF1esports for latest updates.

F1 23 is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Get involved with F1 World Scenario events by following @EASPORTSF1 on Twitter and share your best laps, tips and screenshots with @AMF1esports.

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