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From 'Le Paddock' to meeting Fernando and Lance – I / AM members get closer in Canada

In Montréal, we provided our fans with once-in-a-lifetime experiences to bring them closer to Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One® Team and the sport they love.

Aston Martin F1

More extraordinary memories delivered by I / AM to our passionate fans.

We brought you, our fans closer, ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix with a number of events in downtown Montréal, and 'Le Paddock' by Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%, an immersive F1 experience complete with stunning decor, refreshments and an AMF1 Team car, was a fitting venue for you to feel the passion ahead of race day.

At 'Le Paddock', we held an I / AM member meet-up hosted by AMF1 Team Reserve Driver Stoffel Vandoorne and broadcaster David Croft. Both amped up the crowd which, in turn, brought the energy and fostered the community spirit that lies at the heart of I / AM. United by their love of Formula One, I / AM members were able to share their passion for the sport, getting up close to the AMF1 Team car on show and building up their anticipation ahead of the race.

'Le Paddock' was also the scene of our gripping and fiendishly tricky quiz before the race – a fun, inclusive and competitive way to test our I / AM members' F1 knowledge in Canada.

And we offered the winning team the ultimate prize, inviting them to the AMF1 Team garage at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve to meet our drivers and other team members while getting a closer look at how we work behind the scenes.

We did more to bring the fans closer for Lance's home race as three lucky I / AM competition winners were invited to join us at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for the Ultimate Paddock Experience, where they were given the opportunity to meet team members, plus meet Fernando and Lance, and see the AMR23.

Suriya Kim was one of the fortunate fans invited to see the AMR23 up close. She spoke about the inspirational effect that the Grand Prix and the Ultimate Paddock Experience had on her.

"You can really see all the people getting into the mood for F1, the chequered flag is flying everywhere, and the atmosphere is really fun," said Suriya. "Canada has history with F1, with Gilles Villeneuve and Jacques Villeneuve, so there is a love for F1 here. F1 has always been in my life; every Sunday I keep the race on another screen if it's at a reasonable time for me to watch it. I met Lance today and, to me, it's great to have Canadian representation in the sport, it's inspiring to me."

"I won the I / AM competition and I'm very excited, I'm so grateful, and thank you so much Aston Martin; this is the best day of my life," said fellow competition winner and I / AM member Rita Quiroga. "The day was perfect, they gave us hats, we saw Fernando and Lance, we got to go to the garage, and we saw the cars and the steering wheel. Thank you, AMF1 Team."

Aston Martin F1

"Canada has a big F1 fanbase, it's packed all three days and there's so much going on downtown," added competition winner Doug Wise. "The circuit is just 45 minutes away from me on the metro. I love F1, it's cool to see the cars up close. Canada loves Lance, he's been really good this year, and I've always supported him, it's great to see him doing well this year."

"We got to meet Fernando and Lance which was really cool, and then we went into the garage to see the car up close. I'm an engineer, so seeing all the stuff in person was something you dream about. I really enjoyed it and hopefully, I'll never forget it, as it's something I'll probably never experience again. Thank you to the I / AM membership programme for the great experience."

We also held a competition to give away Lance's race suit and shone a light on the intersecting worlds of business and engineering with our partners Cognizant and TikTok at McGill University as we continue to Make A Mark wherever we race.

And there's more on the horizon.

Our home race, the 2023 British Grand Prix, is just weeks away, and in the build-up we're giving I / AM members the chance to win Lance's and Fernando's race gloves, tour our garage at Silverstone, and even tour our new Technology Campus across the road from the historic circuit.

We'll be doing everything we can to bring you closer to the sport and make it an unforgettable home race.

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