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#IAMSTORIES: Belén, Spain

As Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team prepares for this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, we’re shining a spotlight on our passionate fanbase in Spain.


For Belén, a childhood love of Formula One has been reignited. It was there to help her through the global situation, and the team has helped inspire her to share her art with fellow fans. In her own words, Belén shares her Formula One story.

During the first lockdowns, life was tough. I work for a local council in Spain, and I had a big job in front of me. It was so draining, and I’d often come home feeling spent, but that all changed when Formula One started to gear up for 2021.

Inspired by Sebastian and Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team, I got back into my drawing again. I was so happy when the AMR21 was unveiled and I saw pink featured on the car and race suits!

I’ve always been shy and an introvert. I had some fears about sharing my art, but I decided to share it on Instagram and I’ve since made some great friends. I felt a bit lost, but this team helped me feel happy again. I think that’s everything considering what’s going in the world.

Belén's art


The incredible passion of our fans, demonstrated perfectly by Belén's artwork, is inspiring to us all. We love seeing the work of our fans and your support drives us forward. If you want us to share your artwork, make sure to tweet us using #IAMCREATIVITY'.

Inspired by Bélen's art
Inspired by Bélen's art

I’ve always dreamed of working in motorsport because I used to watch the races as a kid. I spent my summers at my Grandma’s house with my older cousin, he was a sports fanatic who always watched it on TV.

I was quite a loud kid, but watching those fast cars on the screen kept me quiet! I fell in love with the Ferraris, and especially Ayrton Senna. I struggled to follow Formula One after his passing, and I focused more on MotoGP and football, supporting Valentino Rossi and Real Madrid.

But that all changed when Fernando Alonso arrived. I’m from Asturias, just like Alonso, but I’m from Gijón and he’s from Oviedo – our rivalry is legendary! So naturally, I wasn’t his biggest fan, but I hugely admired him as so many in Spain fell in love with Formula One.

Thanks to Alonso, Formula One was on the screens in every home and every bar. I loved how the streets fell silent when a Grand Prix was about to start because everyone was watching it. Alonso’s first win in Hungary 2003 was a win for all of Spain!

Sebastian is unique. He likes to be outside the spotlight, but he’s passionate about so many causes.
Belén's art

Spain has always had a great history in motorsport, and the likes of Ángel Nieto and Adrian Campos did so much for the sport, and it will continue with Alonso, Carlos Sainz Jr and several up-and-coming drivers.

My personal passion was truly rekindled at the 2008 Italian Grand Prix when Sebastian took his incredible win for Toro Rosso, and he’s been my favourite driver ever since. Despite experiencing Senna vs Prost, it’s still one of my highlights as a Formula One fan.

I’d love to meet Sebastian one day because he’s so unique compared to other drivers. He likes to be outside the spotlight, but he’s passionate about so many causes: I’d love to speak to him about the environment, women’s rights, politics, history – everything!

Sebastian being with Aston Martin is amazing for me because I love the past of Formula One, and it’s great to see a historic name on the grid. It’s a big part of why I was inspired to draw again.

While it’s a shame we can’t all be there to watch the team race this weekend, my advice for anyone going to the Spanish Grand Prix in the future is to just enjoy it and take plenty of pictures!

Spain’s great to visit, and while the race can be tricky for overtaking, there are so many challenges across the lap, even though everyone is so familiar with it from testing. I’m sure it’ll be an exciting Grand Prix!