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#IAMSTORIES: Jay, Great Britain

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Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team is set for its first home race at Silverstone in over 61 years. To mark the occasion, we're shining a spotlight on our passionate home supporters.

This year's British Grand Prix is one of many for Jay, who has been a fan of Formula One since he was a young boy. Here, he gives his insight into the British Grand Prix.

I started watching Formula One with my dad when I was around 14, which is about 14 years ago. I used to love the speed and noise of the cars.

I've been lucky enough to visit three Grands Prix over the last few years. The first race was Barcelona in 2014, the second was Silverstone in 2018, and then Monza in 2019.

My favourite race was definitely Silverstone, when I camped throughout the weekend and got to see my favourite driver, Sebastian Vettel, win the race!

My best Formula One memory is from Brazil 2012. It was a crazy start, and the championship could have gone either way, but Sebastian's strong recovery drive secured the title for him.

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I was really happy to hear Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team was returning to Formula One, due to Aston Martin's heritage and because it’s another British team on the grid.

I'm proud to see the team racing in its home race for the first time in decades. I will be glued to the TV all weekend with my team shirt on! 

The team has such a good core. They all support each other and there's Sebastian's experience combined with Lance's talent.

Great Britain has always had good pedigree in all types of motor racing, and with Formula One being the pinnacle of motorsport, it manages to draw everyone together. 

Silverstone is an exciting racetrack with a lot of overtaking opportunities, and the number of fans that attend makes for such a great atmosphere. Silverstone is by far the best Formula One race I've attended.

Village is a great place to see the cars braking hard for the corner and you're able to see over to Becketts too. It's a good overtaking spot, especially on the first lap.

If anyone is ever in question of which Formula One race they should attend, the British Grand Prix must be top of the list!

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