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Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team Fan Token: Everything you need to know

A new era in fan engagement is dawning. Socios.com is here to give you a chance to be a part of a sporting legacy going back 107 years.

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For the first time in history, Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team will be giving you the chance through Fan Tokens, to get access to voting rights in polls, VIP rewards, exclusive promotions, AR-enabled features, chat forums, games and competitions.

But while you've seen the tweet and heard the announcement, what is Socios.com and what are Fan Tokens exactly?

Here's everything you need to know about Socios.com, and how to get in on the action.

What is Socios.com?

Socios.com is an all-in-one fan influence and rewards app that allows sports fans from across the world to get closer to their favourite teams and clubs. From voting in official club polls to winning once-in-a-lifetime experiences, the $AM Fan Token will enhance your relationship with the team.

Fan Tokens – What are they?

You can think of Fan Tokens like digital passes, giving you enhanced access to your favourite clubs/teams/leagues that never expire. These collectible digital assets provide owners with access to voting rights in polls, VIP rewards, exclusive promotions, AR-enabled features, chat forums, games, competitions and more on Socios.com.

But how does it work?

All you need to do is download the Socios.com app and purchase the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team Fan Token ($AM). You can do this by first buying our in-app digital currency Chiliz ($CHZ) and exchanging it for your $AM Fan Tokens all directly in the app. It's as safe as any online purchase you would normally make.

Do I have to buy a $AM Fan Token every time I vote or take part in a giveaway?

No, Fan Tokens are yours to keep and never expire, meaning once you own Fan Tokens you can use those Fan Tokens to vote or enter competitions over and over again.

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Transitioning passive fans into active fans is essential to the future of sport. Socios.com's vision is for an extensive network of the world's leading sporting organisations, achieved through Fan Tokens and transactional fan engagement on Socios.com.

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Sounds great, but how much does this cost?

As with all Socios.com partners, since there are only a limited number of $AM Fan Tokens, their value is determined by the market demand. The price might decrease or increase according to demand. You can vote and take part in a giveaway with as little as 1 $AM Fan Token but the more Fan Tokens you own, the greater your influence and the bigger your chance to win.

So what other features are there?

Token Hunt

Token Hunt is our augmented reality geo-location enabled token discovery feature, where users can collect $CHZ, $SSU (our platform's loyalty tokens) and on special occasions Fan Tokens for free. Token Hunt is a global experience. All you need to do is log-in daily, and see what’s available to hunt down from any location.

Socios Chat

Want to discuss the latest Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team news? Excited for an upcoming poll? Get stuck into the multiple chat rooms discussing everything from trading Fan Tokens and Polls to matches, team/club performance and everything else in between. It's entirely up to you.

Games and Rewards

Think your Formula One knowledge is up to scratch? Prove it and take part in quizzes, games and earn rewards.

Socios United Fan Tokens

$SSU are our loyalty tokens that give you a say in Socios-related matters and a voice on what Socios.com does next! Collect as many as you can because there’s much more in store for $SSU.

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